Becoming One with God

What does it mean to be “One with God”? Is it an emotionally charged experience? Are you like a Pentecostal speaking in tongues, or deep in a meditative state like the Dalai Lama? Is it even possible, or is it just reserved for a chosen few? I am going through a study that talks about... Continue Reading →

Mojave National Preserve

We camped in the desert of southern California at the Mojave National Preserve which is located on the California and Nevada border not too far from Las Vegas. The area is incredibly dry and home to some impressive rock formations which we were able to climb on a morning hike. At our campsite, the sunset... Continue Reading →

Temecula, California

If you are looking for sun the is no better place than Southern California. Meredith lived in San Clemente for a while and we took this picture while exploring Temecula which is an old town in Riverside County. The area was inhabited by Native Americans for hundreds of years until the Spanish showed up in... Continue Reading →

Mount Shasta, CA

Amazing how quickly the scenery changes are you drive south from Oregon on I-5 and cross down into California. Just a few hours before we were driving through extreme fog with massive fir trees everywhere but suddenly things dry out and you see the majestic Mount Shasta in the distance. Northern California is a beautiful... Continue Reading →

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