Clear Creek Natural Heritage Trail

As Annette and I prepare for an upcoming half-marathon we have taken the time to explore many of the trails that exist in North Texas. This shot was taken early on a beautiful, cool morning as we ran along the wilderness following the Trinity River north of Dallas/Ft. Worth. The trail is flat and gives you... Continue Reading →

The Grand Canyon

Wow, until you have been there to see the expansiveness of the Grand Canyon it is is hard to imagine. Think of the forces at play to open a such a crevice and you think earthquake or a seismic shift of unthinkable magnitude. But, as I understand it water from the Colorado River over millions... Continue Reading →

Mount Shasta, CA

Amazing how quickly the scenery changes are you drive south from Oregon on I-5 and cross down into California. Just a few hours before we were driving through extreme fog with massive fir trees everywhere but suddenly things dry out and you see the majestic Mount Shasta in the distance. Northern California is a beautiful... Continue Reading →

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